Management Team

Mediklinik Sejahtera came into existence in April 2022 and is a private clinic directed by Dr. Dharminder Singh who is the doctor in charge. He is overall responsible for directing all issues concerning the clinic to make sure that the healthcare goals set are met. To run our clinic professionally the clinic recruited employees with high integrity. We have trained and qualified doctors, enough trained nurses, technical staffs, and administrative staffs to support the clinic activities. We have a total of enough number of employees to make sure our patients get the best services they deserve. Here is our dedicated team:

Resident Medical Doctors

Dr. Dharminder Singh

(MBBS) (Manipal-MAHE) MMC No.:62074

Dr. Dharminder graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical College in 2010 and served patients in a government hospital for about 5 years. Later, he continued serving patients in a private practice in Menglembu, Perak for 7 years to enhance his knowledge in primary care medicine. Dr. Dharminder is also capable of conversing in multiple languages other than Malay and English such as Urdu, Nepali, Punjabi and Bangladeshi.

I became a doctor because I saw something beautiful in helping patients overcome the agony and isolation of illness. I Spent years in building bridges with my patients, to listen, and to be empathetic. Over the years I also recognized the importance of being "humanistic" practitioner. And a patients tell me they want these healing relationships with us. I am glad to have recognized the holistic health approach.

Dr. Amrit Kaur

(MBBS) (Manipal-MAHE) MMC No.:80165

Dr. Amrit completed her MBBS from Melaka Manipal Medical College in 2016, following which she worked in the government hospital to do her Housemanship and Residency. She received Certificate of Privileging from the Department of Nephrology, HKL during her period of residency in that department. Apart from her working experience in the government hospital, she has also been doing part time locum with private clinics to gain more knowledge and experience in the Primary Care Industry. Throughout her journey as a doctor, Dr. Amrit holds on to the principles of promoting wellness, delivering compassionate healthcare and enhance quality of life of every patient seeking treatment.

Clinic Staff